Mar 29, 2010

campaign: dior 1997/1998

John Galliano for a Dior Campaign from Autumn/Winter 1997/1998. I am very much in love with this photograph.

{ image from frillr }

Mar 26, 2010

givenchy couture fall 2009

My favourite shots from what I think will forever be one of my favourite Haute Couture collections.

{ images from the celebrity city & style }

Mar 24, 2010

anne combaz : model photography

These are photographs taken by Anne Combaz of models Sasha Pivovarova, Tanya Dziahileva, Siri Tollderød and Monika Jagaciak respectively.
Absolutely beautiful - especially Sasha's photo. More of Anne's work on her website.

Mar 15, 2010

egon schiele

Now I see the black town again, which has always remained the same,
all the back-parlour folk are walking about as they always did,
—the poor people—
so poor, the rustle-red autumn leafage smells like them.
But how good autumn is in all this windwinterland!

{ Egon Schiele, Ich ewiges Kind (I, Eternal Child). Gedichte, ViennaMunich (2) 1985. p. 22 }

View more at Egon Schiele on Artnet.

Mar 13, 2010

alexander mcqueen fall 2010

Every fashion blogger out there is likely to be posting about Alexander McQueen's last official collection. It was breathtaking - pieces of true art. It is hard to describe the feeling I got viewing the collection; something I will fail to put into words. All that I can say is that the fashion industry has truly severed a great loss.

Rest in peace.

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Mar 11, 2010

photograph of the day : siri at ysl

A photograph of model Siri Tollderød at Yves Saint Laurent during Paris Fashion Week. A rather pointless post, but I had to share this photo. I think it's magnificent!

{ image from NY Times }

Mar 6, 2010

a.f. vandevorst fall 2010

I absolutely loved everything about this collection. I am so very impressed with Paris Fashion Week - many more posts to come from designers showing at PFW.

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Mar 4, 2010

gareth pugh fall 2010

This is the best collection, in my humble opinion, all season. Some of the best work that Gareth Pugh has done in the last couple of years. I cannot wait until more photos come out; shots with different angels, the details, and so on. I am itching with joy thinking about it. I think I've watched the video of this collection twenty-some times. Simply brilliant!

{ images from firstview }

editorial: teen spirit

These are my favourite shots from the editorial titled "Teen Spirit" from Interview Magazine's March 2010 issue. The cast for this editorial is stunning - simply put. I must must must get my hands on this issue; no matter what!

{ images from thefashoinspot }

Mar 1, 2010

quicktake: rodarte installation

A photo from the Rodarte installation at the Cooper-Hewitt museum. You can see more photos and a backstage video at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Blog.

reed & rader

Amazing photography from reed and rader. Click read more to see more of my favourite photos.