Feb 17, 2010

rodarte fall 2010

Going into NYFW, I didn’t have high expectations. Especially not for Rodarte – the last couple of collections from the Mulleavy sisters haven’t impressed me very much; so I didn’t expect to find myself in love with this collection. But I am! I feel like this is their best work since S/S 2009. It maintained the familiar charm of Rodarte but was different in a way. The lace, the knitted tops, the white dresses – I loved it all.
On another note, I feel like I am slowly falling more and more in love with Dorothea. She is absolutely stunning.

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  1. lol, you were actually serious when you said you loved it.
    yes, Dorothea is how Ive been imagining Darlene since the summer. stunning. love her cat eyes.

  2. yay, yay, yay! i loooooove these girls, that dress on the top left is ah-mazing! i'm totally bummed that haven't been digging their past stuff...what about it falls short for you?


  3. I know! I especially love Karlie's dress!
    I think Rodarte S/S 2010 was a pretty bad collection..I expected much more from them; that collection was just a repeat of what they did the season before that. S/S 2009 wasn't too bad (I loved the boots) but it didn't stand out very much.
    I'm soo happy with this collection though, I loved it very much!